1. 12:42 20th Jan 2013

    Tags: gamingwindows

    Games for Windows Live

    Remember the good old days? Gaming was really difficult because you had to be tech-savvy just to get a game to run. It could take hours just to start a PC game, many of them required you to screw around with memory and DOS boot settings. And if you also wanted sound in your game, you were just asking for serious trouble. Computers weren’t household products yet. Nothing was really made for normal people - the games were made by geeks, for geeks. 

    It took me three hours to get Batman: Arkham City running tonight, because of Games for Windows Live. Three hours. Three hours of downloading weird things, reading meaningless error messages, rebooting, trying network settings never before needed, reading forum threads and googling for crowd wisdom. That experience was an interesting trip down memory lane, which made me recall that geek sense of accomplishment it was getting a game to run 20 years ago.

    Fast forward to 2013 and I simply can’t understand why any company would make it difficult for their customers to use their products. It makes no sense. 

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